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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How many musicians consists of the Night Concert?

The Night Concert band comes in various configurations:

a) a basic composition of 6 musicians: soloist, keyboards / vocals, bass / vocals, solo guitar, drums, saxophone

b) a composition with a brass section composed of 8 musicians: soloist, keyboards / vocals, bass / vocal, solo guitar, drums, brass section - saxophone, trumpet, trombone / vocal

c) composition Nocny Koncert & Friends composed of 8-10 musicians: main soloist, keyboards / vocals, bass / vocals, solo guitar, rhythm guitar / vocals, percussion, brass section - saxophone, trumpet, trombone / vocal, additionally a great American vocalist Barry Solone / actor / dancer / choreographer

d) dream team - if you are interested in a different band composition than the ones mentioned above, i.e. you need a jazz band for a banquet, you want us to expand the band's composition by a string quartet, you want us to invite musicians of other specialties or guests to cooperate - ask and our manager will prepare an offer specially for you.

* e.g. keyboards / vocals - what does this mean? The keyboardist plays the instrument but also sings etc.

2. Does the band play live?

Yes. The Night Concert is only live. We do not use: ready-to-play music, playback, we do not play

from floppy disks. We use: professional instruments, sound system and modern solutions commonly used on the professional music scene, including loops and virtual musicians. Everything to make us sound great

and the songs resembled the original versions.

3. How long does the band perform?

The band's performance time depends on the time the event starts and the type of event. Depending on these factors, we offer different time variants. Ask our manager for details.


4. What events does the Night Concert perform at?

We mainly perform at events, banquets, company events, elegant wedding receptions.



a) The team does not reserve the date without a contract or payment to the account. We settle all disputes about the date according to the order of applications.

b) The down payment is determined depending on the offer option and you regulate it when signing the contract.


Making a deposit after agreeing with the availability manager and the performance variant guarantees the blocking of the date and the performance of the performance.

If you do not have time and you want to book us, pay a deposit and we can sign the contract later based on email arrangements, etc.

A verbal agreement is binding for us only after making a down payment.

We do not refund any deposits in the event of resignation but we will easily transfer this payment to another date agreed by mutual agreement. We run a business and issue invoices even if you don't need them.

c) Dressing room and catering on the side of the Organizer.

d) For events above 100 km from Warsaw you need accommodation for the crew.

e) Arrival - the cost is determined by agreement of the parties.

6. What is the band's repertoire?

We perform world and Polish hits of popular music. The most frequently performed songs can be found in the repertoire tab. Optionally, we can prepare songs on special request. We are not a polo-banquet disco band. We avoid unleavened songs, replacing them with others where you will also have a great time.

7. Can you lead the party?

Yes. No problem. Our band leader deals with the hostess and running the event regardless of whether it is a concert, a gala, a banquet or an elegant wedding reception. The style and course of the event are most often adapted to the expectations of the organizer. We have extensive experience, which is why we are happy to help, advice in avoiding common mistakes and solutions that are risky for the event. We can lead the event partly or completely
in English or other language of course by prior arrangement.


8. Do you need a big stage?

The band performs live (6,8,10 performers), we use drums and other instruments, sound system, lighting also takes up some space so a stage or place for a 5m x 4m band is welcome. This does not mean that we cannot cope with other conditions. We can always use a smaller drum kit or sound system. We have already performed on large stages and in cozy palace and restaurant rooms. We will adopt any space. It is not a problem.


9. What happens when one of the musicians gets sick or cannot perform for some reason?

Such situations are very rare. Nevertheless, there is nothing to fear. Replacing one of the musicians or vocalists will not negatively affect our performance because we are prepared for it. Our manager makes sure that every potential "deputy" is a musician / vocalist at a similar performance level to the person he is replacing. Most often it is a musician / vocalist or vocalist / friends of the band cooperating with us for years
who know the material and have already performed with us before.

10. Why should you choose us?

We guarantee satisfaction :)

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